The Sankofa Children, Hueman representatives of  Mya’at, Swan of Order and Yurugu, Swan of Chaos haven’t been seen for thousands of years.

They were the keepers of Balance in the world  but none, save a few, remember who they were.


When thief Aybel Ani steals the Yurugu Feather and meets the Chosen One, Assata Mwokozi, he finds himself thrust in the middle of an ancient battle between Balance and the malevolent entity, DysOrder.


Aybel and Assata will embark upon an adventure where they will encounter individuals, both friend and foe, and also those as old as creation.


Antoine GHOST Mitchell proudly presents to you his debut Afro-Fantasy that has been 19 years in the making...

Coming 07.2020 A.D.

Release date is subjected to change.



Sankofa's Eymbrace

Act I. No 2. 

Arc I: Soon-Come Part 2 COVER B

(Limited to 25)

Sankofa's Eymbrace

Act I. No 2. 

Arc I: Soon-Come Part 2 

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Wizard World New Orleans 2020* 

Sankofa's Eymbrace #2 Preview

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*Wizard World Logo used with permission from Wizard World Comic Convention

This 10 page black and white preview of Sankofa's Eymbrace Act I. No 2 was exclusively sold at Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans and we have LIMITED copies left! 

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