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Non-playable Characters (NPCs) thus far...


Afeni Ani

Mother of Aybel, Afeni Ani is well-known for her rare Herbs and Potions of which she sells from her shop, located in the lowest level of the Hodari Slums.



Known as the Grandmaster Thief, Califah is feared and respected by many in and beyond the Hodari Slums.  She is the barer of rare information which makes her the wealthiest person in the Hodari Slums


Sondrah    Terrynce    Dez

Sondrah, Terrynce, and Dez are Aybel Ani's best friends in the Hodari Slums. Although they often berate Aybel for his thieving, they also at times take part in his capers.


Slumlord Goldie the Only

A former pirate, Goldie the Only was appointed as the Slumlord over The Hodari Slums when the area was established for Uhurai who were freed from servitude of the Malachai Empire. He is infamously known for his high taxes upon Hodari Slum merchants; often keeping them in a state of subjugation.  He has a special interest in Afeni Ani and her successful business.  

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