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The Artist & the Oracle


Together for over 16 years (over 14 years of marriage) Visual Artist Antoine GHOST Mitchell and Crafter/Editor Erica AYXA Williams are the brainchildren manifesting the world of Sankofa’s Eymbrace.

Antoine Dijion Mitchell, the Art Alchemist, mostly known as GHOST, (God Holds Our Souls Together and Genocide Hinders Our Survival Tactics) is a visual and comic book artist originally from the small East Feliciana Parish town of Norwood, Louisiana. He graduated from Jackson High School in 1999.  In 2001 he received his Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Houston. In 2007 he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Southern University and A&M College of Baton Rouge, La.


Antoine has been in love with comic books since the age of five when he discovered the comic stash left at his grandmother’s house by one of his uncles. This, as well as cartoons of the time, played a huge part in him picking up a pencil to draw.  He officially would start collecting comic books at the age of 11 and this would also begin his journey of being a comic book Artist.

In December of 1999, inspired by the hit role-playing video game, Final Fantasy, Antoine would lay the early foundation of what would become his “Afro-Fantasy” comic book “Sankofa’s Eymbrace.”  19 years later, Antoine finally released what he calls his most important Art piece ever to the world of not only comic book and fantasy lovers, but also to those who have never picked up a comic book in their lives.  Although his specific audience for Sankofa’s Eymbrace are people of color, Antoine sees Sankofa’s Eymbrace reaching all audiences.

Normally, the process of creating a great comic book is usually done by a team consisting of a Penciler, Writer, Inker, Letterer, Colorist, and Editor.  However, on purpose Antoine decided to do all the above with the exception of inking and editing. The Sankofa’s Eymbrace team consists of only him and his Wife-Queen, Erica “Ayxa” Williams, who provides a brutally honest ear, as well as making sure his grammar and spelling is correct.  Erica has also helped Antoine shape the world and story of Sankofa’s Eymbrace into a cohesive fantastical work; co-creating many of its existing and soon-to-be used elements. It was three words she whispered to Antoine 16 years ago that silently sparked the “Eymbrace” in Sankofa: I’ll protect you

Creating a comic book has been a lifelong dream of Antoine GHOST Mitchell and he feels that it is now his time to officially join the pantheon of talented, imaginative creators who have changed many lives with their characters and stories. 

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