(NA-ME-RE) a large feline stag or mare with long curving horns sprouting from the tops of its head. Their hair is long and  loc’d while feathers grow along its shoulders, hips and tail. They are the preferred transportation by those who abhor the use of Source-run vehicles.

GA-ZAN-THA) related to the namiri; these feline stags or does are slimmer with no feathers  along their bodies. They are  quicker than namiri but  are only used for traveling  short distances.

GOB-LEN) a race of short beasts  who are believed to have been created sometime  before the Great Shattering. They typically travel in packs; attacking, torturing and even killing their prey.

Rapossum (RA-POSSUM) a rodent of the Hodari Slums normally found in the sewers, caverns, and areas full of trash.



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