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Paa-Gazellic (PAA-GA-ZEL-LICK) said to be the oldest among the Elder Races of ImBalynce, they are tall and slender and known for their long intricate horns which are their most sacred physical attribute. The Paa-Gazellics are also known for their mastery over Fire A’She and non-elemental A’She and deep worship of Fire Orisha Shango.  




Nyuni (EN-YOU-NEE) an avian race many argue is the first of all Elder Races. They are also known for their deep worship of Wind Orisha Oya and for their mastery of Wind A’She.


Yemyayen (YEM-YA-YEN) an aquatic race of the Elder Races who dwell in the depths of the Yemeyah.  The Yemyayen are known for their worship of Water Orisha Oshun and mastery of Water A’She. 

Hueman (HUE-MAN) the youngest of all races upon ImBalynce; yet their origin is a mystery.  They are divided into different subcategories: Hagnaen, Uhurai, and Sa’Hel.


Xho’Shi (ZO-SHE) sometimes referred to as Xho’Shi Tree Dwarves or Xho’Shi Tree Spirits, they are a race connected to the earth and are known for their Growth A’She and worship of Earth Orisha Osain. Short in stature, the Xho’Shi resemble the very barks of trees they dwell in, which is in their homeland of Xho’Shanna. However, the Xho’Shi have the unique ability to travel the roots connecting many of the trees of ImBalynce.

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