Act I. Arc I. No. 1 

Soon-Come Pt. I

While headed to a merchant ship Assata Mwokozi and her companions were chased by a mysterious abomination fused with twisted elemental A’She


Able only to escape with the aid of Assata’s own unique A’She ability they proceeded to the Hodari Slums where Assata was told by the Voice of the Sleeping Goddess to look for…the thief? 

Elsewhere, in the Hodari Slums, Aybel Ani returns home from thieving, and notices an interesting horn attached to an herbal customer of his mother.  An unnatural voice proposes he steal it and Aybel obliges…

Who or what is this strange voice that speaks to Aybel?

And what is it that Assata seeks in the Hodari Slums that requires a thief?





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